Let me be your:

7am morning fuck before you go to work

Midday text, letting you know that you’re on my mind

5pm cuddle after a long days work

11pm rough fuck as i pound away the frustrations of your day

2am soft whisper in your ear, as i tell you “i love you”

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Q: what does puta mean?



It means companion or best friend :)

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pls remember that there’s no shame in taking a nude photo, but there’s a whole lot of shame in leaking someone else’s to the internet without consent

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I’m sorry, but if lesbians can control themselves in a girls only changing room with ass naked woman waltzing around. Then I figure men should be able to control them selves with clothed girls walking down the street. Just a thought.

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I wanna be hot enough so that guys want to have sex with me but I’m not

excuse me, but in case you haven’t noticed, you’re hot as fuck.

but clearly no guy wants to fuck me so I must be gross

guys do wanna fuck you but your beauty intimidates them ;)

I doubt that tbh

You shouldn’t want to be hot enough that boys will want to have sex with you. You should be gorgeous enough that they are captivated by your beauty. You should be smart, kind, funny. You should be the type of person that makes a guy want to be with you for the rest of their life. You should be the type of person that helps a guy grow. Which you are all these things. But you should also be all these things for yourself… Don’t dictate your life based off of men’s or anyone’s views and opinions. 

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